My lovely Nan

A poem for all my family as we all send our love and thoughts to my Nan tonight…..


My lovely Nan

My family means so much to me
Although spread far and wide
We live apart, across the globe,
the towns, and countryside

We don’t all meet up all the time
though weddings draw us near
And I maybe see a few of you
just once in each long year

Some of you are further still
and Facebook keeps us close
I relish news in comments, and
rely on pics and ‘posts’

I hope you know I think of you
and wonder how you are
I understand we’ve busy lives
that keep us all apart

Now my lovely Nan is poorly
and we’ve started drawing in
Like a parachute of loveliness
for her to float right in

We’ve trekked up to St George’s
with magazines and grapes too
We’ve made sure she’s had sips of squash
and plumped her pillows too

She knows we’re all around her
All as one we’re strong and brave
We hold her up with all our hearts
This great family she has made


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