About Me…

I’m not afraid to say that I am ‘special’…my mum has always told me so. I’m also well aware that I might be a bit more ‘special’ than I first appear.

I love life.
It’s not always been rosy, I’ve been dragged through emotional hedges backwards (the really dense, thorny kind that leave you in tatters). I’ve been on the bones of my backside with only a few pennies a day to buy food, pay bills, and fuel my car. I’ve had great jobs that I’ve loved, and I’ve scrubbed and swept like Cinders for a crappy wage. I’ve travelled far and wide, and I’ve loved being at home. I’ve had several careers and now I have none. I’ve lost and found myself several times in my life, and I’ve been broken right down to the point I thought I’d never rise up again. But I would say that, more than anything, I’ve been lucky. In fact, I would say I’ve been blessed.

Does it make the world go round?
I know that my world doesn’t spin without it, and who wants to be sat still on their axis their whole life?

I can do and be what I want to be. I am only just at the beginning. I’ve had to stop everything in order to start again. I have Fibromyalgia and no, I’m not going to crumple into a big snotty heap or gradually fade off the planet….it’s not that kind of thing (and in that sense I am fortunate, and grateful). However, for me, my life as I’ve known it has gradually been stripped away, and now it is a past life that I can’t be part of, recreate, or relive. It was a GREAT life……I had it all, and I didn’t even know it.

This new life….
Well, it’s just the beginning. I’m still crazy ole me, I just don’t know what being me is without the life I lived to go with it. I’m lucky, I get to reinvent myself!….starting today I get to work out who I am, where I’m going, and what I want to be, all over again, but with the wisdom and experience that carries over from before.

I was a waitress, a secretary, a boarding house mistress, and a Scientist. A fast-food burger-flipper, a cosmetic consultant, a nanny, and a Teacher. A sports coach, an umpire, a sailor, a soldier, and a Royal Naval Officer. A puppeteer, a kangaroo, and a children’s entertainer. A volunteer, a conservation worker, an outdoor enthusiast and an adrenaline junkie! I climbed mountains, taught people to ski, to scuba dive, and I tried to teach Science, for years! I’ve painted, sculpted, danced and sung. I’ve laughed and cried, lived to the full and thought I’d died. It was a hell of a life, a really chunky chapter.

I get to turn the page…..it’s blank.
Blank is scary. It’s dauntingly vast.
But today is also exciting…..the possibilities are endless.

My Blog….
Well, I have a lot to say and a humorous and highly observational take on life, but I’m also embarking on a journey: it’s personal but not exclusive. Everyone in the world lives each day of their journey their own way….some by choice and others by circumstance. If I can share my journey maybe the things I uncover could be useful or meaningful to others. In the spirit of the great themes of Ancient Greek history and culture: Adventure, Discovery, Conquest, and Civilisation (the four stages of forging a great society and, now we’re all online, our new modern twist on community!), I will share my journey.

For the curious, the caring, the inquisitive, and sharing, for the interested, and for posterity: my story, indeed my new life, begins here…




One thought on “About Me…

  1. Lorna Armstrong

    You definitely are special my love and I feel very privileged to be part of your life, old and new.
    Love you to the stars and back


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