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Putting my brain to bed!

I’ve got to try to sleep tonight,
With so much in my head.
I’ll turn the lights off, close my eyes,
And get tucked up in bed.

I’ll try to think of happy thoughts,
Until I’m on my way.
And hope that I will wake refreshed,
Prepared to face the day!


NAPoWriMo 2013 (National Poetry Writing Month) – ‘Scuppered!’

Would you believe, we couldn’t go
For icy winds and threat of snow
We’d planned a trip aboard the Swan
But the weather left our plans undone.

So now our trip, we’ve had to change
Our day afloat’s been rearranged
Shame, I thought we’d have such fun
Stood up on deck, soaking up the sun

Now Mother Nature’s had her way
Scuppered all our plans to sail today
We’ve had to miss our trip to sea
and stay warm indoors, drinking nice hot tea!