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Dive right in

How I love to see the sky,
The rocks, the birds, the trees…
Reflected in the surface
Of the water, spared the breeze.

The complete calm and silence,
So still it looks like glass…
Creating an illusion
Of upside-down birds flying past.

The picture looks so perfect,
So untouched, it draws me in…
Until I hear a splash nearby,
As divers jump right in!

The frogmen stride, all kitted up,
and suddenly they’re in…
Bobbing at the water’s surface,
With their masks and suits and fins.

Then silence, it descends once more,
As the surface starts to clear.
They quietly sink into the depths,
One-by-one they disappear.

The only sign or clue they give,
To show that they are there…
The bubbles streaming upwards,
Break the surface with the air.

The tranquility, breaks once more,
As they pop back up, and then…
They waddle back to base camp,
Before they do it all again.

I love to watch the water,
And the people going in…
It won’t be long til I can join them,
Then the real fun can begin!



“Egg-spress yourself!”


I have three crazy chickens: Babs, Betty, and Daphne. They each have their own distinct looks and personalities, and they all lay different types of eggs…

‘Babs’ is a large white chicken that lays huge brown eggs; ‘Betty’ is a brunette and lays blue eggs; whilst cute and fluffy bantam ‘Daphne’ lays almost spherical, pink eggs the size of golf balls.

I was thinking, as I collected their eggs today, that the chickens are pretty funky with their individual quirks….just like their eggs:
Some of the eggs are small and tubby, some large and sometimes even pointy! Some are freckly, some wrinkly, and some very pretty and colourful. And, to top it off, the yolks are different sizes and shades of yolky hues as well.

As I diligently wrote the date on each egg (then got carried away and started drawing faces on them!), it made me think that a box filled with eggs from different chickens is a bit like a room full of people with different personalities……we all look different, come in different shapes and sizes, and we’re all different on the inside too (emotionally that is!)…..
…..how egg-straordinary!

Then I concluded that whether being our chilled-out selves at home, or egg-speriencing the wonders of life that are beyond our front doors, we should make sure we share our quirks and unique qualities with the world…..

“Go on! Egg-spress yourself!”

…..and make the world a more colourful and egg-citing place to live!